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Building my robot friends is the ultimate happend at a game jam game. - Build somewhat cute Robots to help on your journey - Feature complete but no content - We had a shader at some point I guess (is it still there?) - 1 week of development, 10 Minutes of Gameplay - fun without ending! Just close the game when you get bored - Oldschool: You need to read up about the Controls first, because you wont find them ingame - It was fun but im tiered

Controls: Left Click/Right Click: Interaction/Roboter Skill Tab: Change control to Robot you look at Space: Jump Blue Boxes: Some Robots can carry blue boxes, strong Robots can lift bigger boxes Hookshot: Some Robots can hook the blue Orbs if you manage to get near enough Robot Builder: For only 10 parts you can build a whole new robot with new skills, they are your friends! Part Printer: Somwhere on the Island there is a machine printing new robot parts every few minutes, if you can find it you can build even more friends!!



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